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Authentic means true, without imitation or proven authorship.

How many times have we had vacations or were we looking for something different and even though we went to places geographically far away we got the feeling that we had been there already? How many times had we sat down at the table in a hotel restaurant and felt that we had already been there or that we had already tasted those flavors?

Without great pretensions, because the authentic can not be pretentious, we will try to meet you, whether in accommodation, catering or in the activities that we propose to develop.

This is our bet ..... Authenticity ...


Part of the film made about Mora by the Historian Professor Hermano Saraiva, which was largely held at the Hotel Solar dos Lilases.

Tradition has been our motto. We have a restaurant certified in regional food to revive the gastronomic traditions of the region.

Come to Mora and stay at Hotel Solar dos Lilases


There are several paths that you can walk, ride, pedal, photograph, observe birds, old stones or simply to smell or appreciate the extraordinary landscapes of this part of Alentejo. 


See here what you can see or do in the Mora area


Walking or pedaling - To know about routes or rails or activities you can do in this area.


Traveling - National 2 - To know about this route.


There are lots of places to visit in the Mora region. The Fluviário, the Regional Nucleus of Megalitism, are some of the references among the several to consider.

See here what you can see or do in the Mora region.

By the villages inside - To know about the main localities of the region and what you can observe or visit in them.


Fishing - To know more about freshwater fishing in the region, fishing trails, etc.


Observing birds - To know about the birds of the region, points and observation paths.


The Restoration in the Region of Mora is very well known for being the dishes of crumbs, lamb, black pork meats and game dishes some of the many options of local gastronomy.


  The region's wines are some of the best Alentejo wines and good company for the above mentioned dishes.


See here what you can see or do in the Mora area


Drinking and eating - To know more about our restaurant and regional gastronomy in general.

Have you kids - Would like to have a program with them?

Enjoy and take them to the Fluviário, complete with a visit to the Megalithic Center and end an afternoon at Monte Selvagem. If you have time take them for a walk in the Footbridge or enjoy the River Beach in the Gameiro Ecological Park to do some exercise and take a shower.