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Life has a fascinating and tranquil side. In Mora, the mouth is filled with the flavors of a region unique in the world. You can smell the magnificent herbs, wild streams and forests filled with the same paths that history has made. Discover the life that smells of wet land and the desire that every flower leaves. The Solar dos Lilases combines comfort and serenity to the best of the Alentejo. An unforgettable experience.
To receive well, as is tradition in this Portuguese region.

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There are several ways you can go. Simply to walk, to byke, to photograph, to smell or to appreciate the extraordinary landscapes of this part of Alentejo.







There are lots of places to visit in the Mora region.

The Fluviário, the Regional Nucleus of Megalitism, the Church of Brotas, the Anta-Capela S. Diniz in Pavia or the Cromeleque das Fontainhas are some of the references among several to consider.



The Restoration in the Region of Mora is very well known. The dishes of migas, lamb, black pork meat are some of the many options of local gastronomy. The region's wines are some of the best Alentejo wines and good company for the above mentioned dishes.